We are responsible for the grounds maintenance works on council-owned land within the district, including grass cutting, hedges, shrub beds, flower beds, rose beds. We cut the grass several times during the season. The frequency of cutting depends on the type of grass area.

We have our own in-house team of grounds maintenance workers/operatives.

We do not cut grass which is on private property or on properties/estates owned by bodies other than the council. We do however cut the grass belonging to parish councils in some areas of Mid Devon.

Frequently asked questions:

We're normally unable to take any action outside the contracted schedule, although the property owner is entitled to cut back the offending vegetation on their property. Please Contact us for advice or to discuss your concerns.

It isn't possible to give a precise date of the next cut due to weather conditions and other unforeseen factors. Different areas of grass are cut a different number of times over the season. We have a database which logs the last date when grass was cut in an area.

We're unable to collect and dispose of the grass clippings we cut due to the extra cost and resources this would incur.

We use spray herbicide control on moss, weeds, etc. in public spaces or communal areas. Pavements and gutters are the responsibility of Devon County Council, see DCC - Grass Cutting.

There is a waiting list and applications are considered by our Housing team. Please Contact us to enquire. 

Devon County Council are responsible for grass cutting on highway verges. See:

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