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There are different things we can do depending on how great your need is. The following five categories show how we measure your level of need:

Are you homeless or threatened with homelessness?

You could be homeless if you:

  • have nowhere to live in the UK, or anywhere else in the world
  • are staying somewhere where you have no legal right to remain
  • have a home but are scared of violence, abuse, harassment or threats

Are you eligible for help? 

While most people will be eligible for help with housing in the UK, it is possible that you are not. You may not be eligible if you:

  • are subject to immigration control and have limited rights to remain in the UK
  • are an asylum seeker
  • are not subject to immigration control but you have recently returned from abroad to live in the UK. This can still apply to you if you are a British citizen who has lived abroad for some time

Are you in priority need?

You have a priority need if you:

  • have dependent children living with you
  • are a pregnant woman or have a pregnant woman living with you
  • are homeless due to a fire, flood or other emergency
  • are aged 16 or 17 and Children and Young People's Services does not have responsibility for you
  • are aged 18 to 21 and used to be in care

If you do not have an obvious priority need, we will talk with you about what it means to be vulnerable to see if this applies.

Are you intentionally homeless?

You are considered to have made yourself intentionally homeless if you did something, or failed to do something, that resulted in you losing your home. This includes acting in an anti-social way or not paying your rent.

If you are in priority need, but also made yourself homeless, we may not have to help with housing. However, we will give you advice to help you find a new home.

Do you have a local connection?

You have a local connection if you:

  • have lived in Mid Devon for a certain length of time 
  • have a permanent job in Mid Devon 
  • have family who have lived in Mid Devon for a certain length of time

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