Neighbourhood walkabouts

We visit each area at least every six months to meet tenants and check for repair needs. Tenants are welcome to join us as we walk around their area to raise any concerns and share ideas for improvement.

Environmental budget

We want you to enjoy living in your home and your area. As our tenants, you know more than we do about things that need improving where you live.

Each year, we give money to the three neighbourhood areas. This is for environmental improvements that benefit all tenants in their local area. There is no limit on what the budget is for but we do insist that it benefits the wider tenant community, not just an individual tenant. Previous projects include improved parking facilities, extra street lighting, seating and improvements to grassed areas.

If you have an idea for an improvement, please complete the environmental budget application form or contact us to discuss it. All applications will be considered in accordance with our environmental budget project procedure


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