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Online search requests 

Official searches and Con29 component data can be ordered using our online search request forms. You can also pay online using a card, or BACS (please contact us for details). 

For a full official search (LLC1, Con29 or Con29O) please use our Standard local search request form.

For LLC1 and component data searches (individual questions) please use our Component data request form.

  Important Note:  MDDC operates a two-tier system for applicants requesting answers to INDIVIDUAL Con29 questions (component Con29 data).  The component data request form  is for the authority’s enhanced product and a market based fee is charged as displayed on the form.


  There is an alternative option available under the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR). There is no charge for access to the records under EIR.  For access to data under EIR do not complete the component data request form, please refer to Guide to a Personal Search of the Local Land Charges Register and Con29 Inspection for full details. 


Please contact us if you need help completing these forms.

By email, DX or post

If you want to apply by email, DX or post please send us the following:

  • Form LLC1 and form CON29"Required" 2016 Edition. Please ensure that the full address of the property/land is stated along with any other address the property or land is, or has previously been known as
  • Box C of the CON 29 - Devon County Council are in a position to issue digital highway plans to reflect their replies for the highway questions. This will hopefully reduce enquiries for them and provide more accurate answers for you. This means that you no longer need to put any colouring on your plans to identify highways as it will not be relevant to the reply
  • An up to date Ordnance Survey Plan with the boundary of the search area clearly marked in red
  • If applicable, CON29"Optional" 2016 Edition and any other additional enquiries
  • The correct current search fee (payable by card or BACS)
  • Please ensure that a correct return name and email address are completed on the LLC1 and the CON29

LLC1 only searches should include the LLC1, a plan and the fee. As stated above, please ensure the full email address is completed and  the plan is clearly marked with the search outline in red.

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