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What are neighbourhood walkabouts?

We visit each area at least every six months to meet our tenants and check for repair needs. If there are issues which you would like to raise, we would ask you to contact us before the planned walkabout for your estate explaining what it is you would like us to inspect and why via or 01884 255255.

For upcoming planned dates, please see:

Spring/Summer 2024 Neighbourhood Walkabout Schedule


What are the benefits of doing neighbourhood walkabouts?

The aim of a walkabout is to identify any health and safety or other issues on your estate. We also use the opportunity to discuss local issues with other agencies and/or local Councillors.

We will inspect the exterior of your property as much as possible because we need to ensure that any repairs issues which may affect the fabric of the building are recorded and action is taken to put them right.

We will also look at gardens because we need to ensure that tenants are maintaining them in line with tenancy conditions. We accept that some tenants and other residents may be committed to increasing biodiversity but we need to address matters if there are any hazards relating to items stored in gardens or if the garden is very untidy and unkempt. This is of particular concern if a hedge has grown over the footpath along the road or a communal pathway.

We have an environmental improvement budget and we can make grants to support the wider tenant community. If you would be interested in finding out more, please contact us.

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