Refuse storage for new residential properties –

Draft Supplementary Planning Document

The Council is in the process of preparing a new Supplementary Planning Document ‘Refuse storage for new residential properties’ which will include guidance on the design of waste and recycling storage for all types of properties in Mid Devon. Consultation on the draft guidance ran from 23 May 2016 – 18 July 2016. A total of 9 valid representations were received.

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Refuse Storage for New Residential Properties Scoping Consultation Report

Representations received

A total of 9 valid representations were received. A summary of the representations received along with the individual representation are shown below.

Summary of representations


Rep 1 -

G J Palin 

Rep 2 -

Barratt David Wilson Homes c/o LRM Planning 

Rep 3 -

Devon County Council

Rep 4 -

Crediton Town Council

Rep 5 -

Devon and Cornwall Police

Rep 6 -

Willand Parish Council

Rep 7 -

Natural England

Rep 8 -

Robert Rew

Rep 9 -

Frances Anson




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