Planning policy

Local Plan Review

Information about the Mid Devon Local Plan Review

What we're doing

How we're helping steer development in Mid Devon over the next 15 to 20 years

Local Plan Review Evidence Base

The evidence base for the Local Plan Review

Local Plan Review Site Specific Evidence Base

A number of sites which were consulted on in the Local Plan Review: Options Consultation have some pieces of related evidence.

Mid Devon Local Plan

The Mid Devon Local Plan is made up of three parts, accompanied by an Adopted Policies Map

Adopted Policies Map

Shows development allocations, settlement boundaries and a variety of land designations (such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest)

Adopted Local Plan Evidence

Evidence collected by us in support of the decisions that we make in preparing local plans

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

CIL will provide funding for infrastructure by placing a charge on new development

Greater Exeter Strategic Plan

Consultation on the GESP begins Monday 27 February and runs until Monday 10 April.

Culm garden village

Land East of Cullompton successfully gains garden village status


Regular and systematic collection and analysis of information

Statement of Community Involvement

Sets out our policy on public consultation and participation

Supplementary Planning Documents

Set out more detailed policies in support of the Local Plan

Local Development Scheme

Sets out a timetable for the preparation of Local Plans

Brownfield Register

Mid Devon is one of a number of pilot authorities chosen across the country for the government’s new Brownfield Register.


Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension and Northwest Cullompton Urban Extension

Neighbourhood planning

A new approach to planning which aims to give people more say about what goes on in their local area

Self Build

Register your interest if you are considering building your own home

Land Availability Assessments - Housing and Commercial

Identifies sites with the potential for development and assesses when this is likely to happen