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Confirmation of compliance with planning obligations

If you require information relating to compliance with planning obligations please follow the guidelines below when making this request:

Requests for Copy Documents

Due to the size of most s106 Agreements and mailbox limitations we are not always able to provide copy documents. These documents are available to download free of charge by visiting our Public Access website and searching under the relevant planning application.

Please note that if you are searching under a reserved matters application you will need to refer to the corresponding outline application for any s106 documents

Requests for confirmation that planning obligations have been complied with

In order that we may assist with your request please provide the following information:

  • Valid planning reference in the format 99/00123/FULL
  • The date of the legal agreement to which your enquiry relates
  • Details of which clause/clauses you require this information for

Is there a fee for this service?

Yes - there is a £100 fee for basic Section 106 compliance enquiries (single s106 agreement with one clause included), with a further charge of £50 per additional clause, applicable from 1st April 2022.

For generic enquiries, where specific clauses are not identified, you will be charged an Initial Compliance Check fee of £150 and then charged accordingly based on any further information required.

How to pay

Within 3 working days from receipt of your request your will be provided with a unique reference number for the purposes of making payment and details of how to pay.

Timescales for responses

We aim to provide a response within 10 working days from receipt of payment. Occasionally this may take longer if further information from a third party is required.

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