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Privacy notices

Read our privacy notices for information on how we process data within the different areas of Planning

Pre-application advice

Our pre-application advice can save time, cost and frustration

Duty Planning Services - NEW

Need assistance with general planning advice? Find out about our duty planning service

Fees for Planning Applications

Who needs permission?

Find out if you need planning permission for your proposed works

Apply for permission

Get help and guidance and then apply online

Search and comment on planning applications

Search by: keyword, reference, postcode or a single line of an address

Weekly list

Check to see the most recent planning applications we've received

Decision Register Archive

View the weekly Register of Decisions issued by year

Demolishing a building

In most cases you will not need to apply for planning permission to knock down a building


Preserving and enhancing the historic environment including conservation areas and listed buildings

Trees and hedgerows

Details regarding Tree Preservation Orders and the removal of hedgerows

Discharge of conditions on planning approvals

Commencement of development prior to the discharge of relevant conditions will render the development unlawful and could lead to formal enforcement action by the Council

Section 106 Agreements

Planning obligations, also known as Section 106 Agreements are legal agreements made between local authorities and developers


You may need to apply to display an advertisement on the front of, or outside, your property

Planning Handbook 2019

Planning Handbook 2019 for guidance on Planning and economic development


Find out about the appeal process

Permission in Principle

Footpath diversion orders

How to apply to divert, extinguish and stop up footpaths and bridleways to allow development to proceed

Planning Charter

Design Review

The Design Review provides an opportunity for developers and local authorities alike to have access to some of the best built environment practitioners in the region

Performance standards

Recent quarterly performance standards

Planning Committee dates and agendas

Mobile Operators Network

Annual network update plans of all mobile operators

Devon County Council - planning

Devon County Council - Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Permitted Development Rights

Read our privacy notices for information on how we process data within the different areas of Planning

Planning Enforcement - Reporting alleged breaches

How to report unauthorised development

Local Enforcement Plan