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Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an approach that allows developers to work with local governments, landowners, and wildlife groups to support local nature priorities in order to leave biodiversity in a better state than before the development. It aims to deliver measurable improvements to biodiversity through enhancing existing habitats or by creating new ones.

Biodiversity Net Gain is a material consideration for planning applications under the National Planning Policy Framework. From 12th February 2024 in England a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain is required under a statutory framework introduced by Schedule 7A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (inserted by the Environment Act 2021) for all major developments and from the 2nd April 2024 for all minor developments, unless an exempt development


Please refer to Devon County Council Biodiversity Net Gain for further information. 

Our requirements for validation are :

Devon BNG Statement for Validation

Statutory BNG Metric

Please note: the preferred option is that you provide a map as a separate PDF and not embedded in the metric.


Self-build and custom build applications

Proforma for schemes that are self-build or custom housing

Please fill this form out in detail if your scheme is self-build or custom housing: ensure you fill out all the sections and provide as much detail as possible.

Right to Build guidance notes - AN 5.3 - 06.2024 Biodiversity Net Gain and Custom and Self-BuildV2.pdf (


Biodiversity Gain Plan

What must be included in a Biodiversity Gain Plan?

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