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When is this required: 

All major applications, wind turbines and applications with economic impacts.  This can be useful for other application to explain what is proposed. 

What information is required: 

Planning Statements provide the opportunity to explain how the proposed development accords with planning policies and relevant SPD or development briefs. It is not sufficient to reproduce policies and state that the proposal complies with them. 

Planning Statements should identify the context and need for a proposed development and include: 

  • An assessment of how the development accords with relevant national, regional and local planning policies
  • Details of consultations with the LPA and wider community/statutory consultees
  • A separate statement on community involvement where appropriate.
  • Any regeneration benefits from the proposed development, including  any new jobs that might be created or supported
  • The relative floorspace totals for each proposed use (where known)
  • Community benefits
  • Reference to any regeneration strategies that might lie behind or be supported by the proposal
  • Details of public open space to be provided
  • A utilities' statement detailing proposed links to existing utility infrastructure systems such as the National Grid or telephone provider
  • Achievement of code for sustainable homes standards
  • Consideration of designing out crime
  • A statement demonstrating adherence to any renewable energy requirements
  • A separate justification statement for Tourism (where applicable)
  • Where community facilities such as a pub or play space would be lost as a result of the development, justification should be provided

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