What to put in your blue kerbside caddy

You can put the following cooked or uncooked food in your blue caddy:



Yes please:


No thanks:

  • Meat and bones   • Plastic bags
  • Tea and coffee grounds   • Garden waste
  • Dairy produce   • Pet waste
  • Bread and pastries   • Liquids
  • Fruit and vegetables   • Oil and liquid fats
  • Fish   • food packaging
  • Rice    
  • Pasta    
  • Eggshells    


undefinedUseful tips and hints:

  • Use your small kitchen caddy to collect food waste and then transfer to the blue caddy
  • To clean your caddy, rinse with warm soapy water
  • Your blue caddy has a lockable lid to help keep animals out: to lock, push the handle down towards the front of the caddy
  • If you want to line your caddies, please only use green cornstarch liners displaying the 'compostable' logo, please don’t use cardboard, plastic carrier bags or white liners
  • You can put small amounts of kitchen roll in your caddy but please don’t use newspaper to wrap food waste

Frequently asked questions:

undefinedNo, due to the composting process, please don't wrap your food waste in paper. If you choose, you can place a few sheets of kitchen roll into the bottom of your blue caddy.

Alternatively, you can use cornstarch liners displaying the 'Compostable' symbol.

Yes you can. We'll collect all cooked and uncooked food.

This helps keep the size of the caddy smaller and also reduces the likelihood of the food rotting down and becoming smelly.

If you don't have a garden but do have the occasional bunch of cut flowers, yes you can put these in your blue caddy (but no houseplants please).

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