Garden waste permit renewal

If you've already subscribed to our Garden waste service and your brown bin permit is nearing expiry, please see Garden waste permit renewal for information on how to renew.

Recycling & rubbish

Check collection dates

Find out when we'll collect your recycling, composting and rubbish

What can you put out?

Find out what we collect and what goes in your blue caddy, black/green boxes, brown bin or black sacks

Order a bin or box

Request an additional or replacement container to accommodate your waste requirements

Find a recycling centre

Find your nearest recycling centre or recycling bank

Bulky waste

Use our bulky waste service to dispose of large household and electrical items

Report a missed collection

Tell us if we've missed your waste collection

Clinical waste

We can provide a free collection for infectious waste such as hypodermic needles and dialysis waste

Assisted collections

If you're unable to bring your waste to the kerbside you may be entitled to an assisted collection

Opt-in garden waste service

Subscribe to our fortnightly garden waste service using brown bins or “pay-as-you-go” compostable sacks

Garden waste permit renewal

Information on how to renew if your brown bin permit is nearing expiry

Bin liners

We sell approved corn starch liners for brown wheelie bins, kitchen and kerbside caddies