Most recyclable material has a financial value and the revenue we receive from selling our recyclable materials helps to reduce the cost of your waste collection service. We recycle items in the UK where possible but sometimes have to send materials abroad for reprocessing.


Aluminium cans are reprocessed in the UK and recycled back into drink cans or into aluminium for use in the construction or motor industries.


Glass is transported to a processing plant in the UK, where it is sorted by colour and melted down. It is then re-blown into new glass bottles and jars.


Paper is graded before recycling and is made into different paper products depending on its quality, including office paper and newspaper.

Plastic milk bottles and carrier bags

These are shredded into pellets, melted and moulded into new plastic products such as bottles, flower pots, decking and even clothing.


Steel cans are combined with other scrap metal, along with virgin steel, and heated until it melts. This is then used to make new steel products such as beams and reinforcement bars.


Clothes that are wearable are sold in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Any non-wearable textiles are made into industrial cleaning cloths.

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