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If you do not have enough money to meet your immediate food, energy or essential costs, apply for help. 

The Local Support Fund has now ended and has been replaced by the Household Support Fund. This one is also government funded but with a few key changes:

  • a household can only apply once whilst the fund runs from 15 November to March 31 2022. Repeat applications are unlikely to be successful
  • you will need to provide your most recent bank statement showing all income from earnings/benefits
  • your application will not be forwarded for processing until your bank statement has been received by email, by hand or by post. Applications will be processed by our partner organisations CHAT and Navigate CIO

If you need food urgently today please contact your local food bank.

CHAT (Tiverton area): 01884 255606

Crediton Food Bank: 07740 202721  

Cullompton Food Bank: 01884 33249 

Lapford Food Bank: 01363 83788 

Additional support with energy costs

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