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Posted On: 18-01-2024
Posted In: Planning

The plan, which will influence future development in Silverton, will go to a local referendum on Thursday 29 February.

Silverton Parish Council and its neighbourhood-planning group have prepared the neighbourhood plan, which has been subject to extensive community consultations and independent examination.

This referendum provides the opportunity for all eligible residents to cast their vote on the proposed plan and influence the future of the parish.

If the majority of voters support the plan, and if Mid Devon District Council subsequently adopts it, the plan will become instrumental in guiding decisions on planning applications within the Silverton parish. The legal status of adopted neighbourhood plans ensures a lasting impact on the area's development for years to come.

To be able to vote in the referendum you must, on 29 February, be entitled to vote in a local government election and have qualifying address for the election in the Silverton parish. Each eligible voter will be sent a referendum poll card and be able to submit the vote at the polling station - Silverton Community Hall, Wyndham Road, Silverton, EX5 4TZ.

All information relating to the referendum, including a map of the referendum area, is available to view online.

Once adopted, neighbourhood plans are key documents with a legal status which influence the shape and development of the areas they cover over many years. As such we encourage all residents eligible to vote in the referendum to check to ensure they are registered, and therefore able to vote on the day.