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Equality Impact Assessment Template


Grand Western Canal Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan EIA June 2024

MDH Income Management Policy EIA June 2024

Safeguarding Policy EIA June 2024

MDH Pets and Animals Policy EIA Jan 2024

MDH Homes Safety Policy EIA Jan 2024

MDH Garage, GGRP, Car Parking Policy EIA Jan 2024

2023 (From September 2023 onwards)

Customer Care Policy EIA December 2023

Tenancy Inspection Policy EIA November 2023

Silverton Neighbourhood Plan EIA November 2023

Meeting Housing Needs SPD EIA October 2023

Joint Strategy EIA October 2023

Infrastructure List EIA October 2023 

Damp and Mould Policy EIA September 2023

Recharges Policy EIA September 2023







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