The annual report and accounts set out our overall financial position, detailing the financial transactions relating to our activities for the last financial year. The financial statements are prepared in accordance with the CIPFA Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting. The statement of accounts is independently audited and certified by Grant Thornton, who produces an annual audit letter.

In addition to the annual accounts, we produce a summary written in "plain English" to highlight key areas of spending and available cash balances held at the end of each year.

Statement and Summary of accounts

The annual statement and summary of accounts are listed as follows:

Financial Period

Statement of Accounts

Summary of Accounts


Annual Accounts 2015-16

Summary of Annual Accounts 2015-16


Annual Accounts 2014-15

Summary of Annual Accounts 2014-15


Annual Accounts 2013-14

Summary of Annual Accounts 2013-14


Annual Accounts 2012-13

Summary of Annual Accounts 2012-13


Annual Accounts 2011-12

Summary of Annual Accounts 2011-12


Annual Accounts 2010-11

Summary of Annual Accounts 2010-11


Annual Accounts 2009-10

Summary of Annual Accounts 2009-10

Supplementary documents

The current and previous two years of supplementary documents are listed below:




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