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Payments Listings

As part of our commitment to operating in an open and transparent way, we publish monthly listings of payments over £500 made to suppliers. These are available to view by year in the tables below.


Payment Listing

Format (1)

Format (2)

October 2019 .pdf .csv
November 2019 .pdf .csv
December 2019 .pdf .csv


Payment Listing

Format (1)

Format (2)

January 2020 .pdf .csv
February 2020 .pdf .csv
March 2020   .csv
April 2020   .csv
May 2020   .csv
June 2020   .csv
July 2020   .csv
August 2020   .csv
September 2020   .csv
October 2020   .csv
November 2020   .csv
December 2020  



We also publish information about the make-up of our housing property portfolio each year, see Transparency Code - Social Housing.

Creditors BVPI Performance Data

We are pleased to report that for the 2019/20 period we have achieved 98.01% success rate in paying invoices to our suppliers within the payment terms:

Financial Year Proportion of valid & undisputed invoices paid in accordance with Regulation 113
2019/20 98.01%


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