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What is a Corporate Peer Challenge?

In March 2017, we invited an external team from other local councils to Mid Devon to investigate, explore and analyse the way we operate. This review was headed by the Local Government Association as part of their sector-led improvement programme and is something that all councils participate in every 4-5 years. Our previous review was back in 2012, and much has changed since that time so it felt appropriate and timely to invite them back to Mid Devon to assess our journey from that point, where we are now, and the direction in which we are heading.

In advance of the review, the council submitted a Position Statement to provide the review team with our thoughts on where we were as a council. Then, as part of the process, over 100 people were spoken to from both within the council and from our external partners and stakeholders. This was to ensure they could get a comprehensive overview of how the council operates, how we do business, our performance and, ultimately, our readiness for the future and challenges ahead.

What were the results?

The Corporate Peer Challenge Report contains a number of specific recommendations on how we might channel our efforts to improve as well as commenting on our current situation and performance. There will certainly be more to do in the coming months and years ahead to keep us constantly moving forward, however the report identifies the extent to which we have radically-improved and confirms that we are in a strong position to address future challenges. It's reassuring to know we're well-equipped for the changes and challenges ahead, and acknowledgement should be given to all the elected members and officers that have worked so hard to deliver this improvement in council performance.

We're extremely grateful to those colleagues within the local government sector for the time they took to undertake this peer challenge, and of course to all those internal and external partners and stakeholders that gave up their own valuable time to assist us by providing their thoughts, views and impressions. Your contribution will help drive our continued learning and improvement, as we strive to deliver the best possible value and outcomes for the people of Mid Devon.

Clive Eginton
Leader of the Council

Stephen Walford
Chief Executive


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