The role of Internal Audit with regard to fraud and corruption is three-fold.

Firstly, audit reviews will be conducted with a mind to the fact that fraud is a risk within any system. As such, where possible, random sampling will be sufficient to aid the detection of fraud, should it be occurring, however the responsibility for the prevention and detection of fraud remains firmly with management.

Secondly, Internal Audit will actively respond to and investigate instances of suspected or actual fraud, corruption or impropriety.

Finally, from its experience of the above, Internal Audit will provide advice and guidance to the Council, as a whole, on issues relevant to the prevention and detection of fraud.

Mid Devon District Council is committed to investigating allegations of fraud, corruption or irregularity. We encourage employees, members of the public and others who suspect such or who have concerns about any aspect of the Council's work to report them.

What should you report?
Examples of things you may wish to report are:
  • Fraudulent or corrupt activity by employees or any other person representing the Council
  • Illegal behaviour by any representative of the Council
  • Risks to health and safety on Council property
  • Abuse or misuse of Council assets eg buildings, vehicles or equipment
  • Waste or uneconomic use of Council resources
Contact us by email: For Benefit Fraud, please see our Benefit Fraud page. For complaints about a Councillor, please see our Complaints about Councillors page. If you have a general complaint, please use our Have Your Say complaint form. Please see our Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy and Whistleblowing Policy for more information.

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