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Please see plan of the cemetery and fees and charges. For any enquiries about Crediton Cemetery please contact us.

About Crediton Cemetery

Crediton Cemetery opened in 1925 as the parish churchyard became full. The cemetery is located in Old Tiverton Road, Crediton and is served by the Town Circular Bus Service. Public lavatories are provided on the site.

undefinedThe ancient chapel of St. John the Baptist was moved from an isolated site near Thorverton and re-erected as the cemetery chapel in 1925. Records show that the chapel was in existence in 1425 and was used as cottages before being restored for sacred purposes by Sir John Shelley.

The Cemetery has space in consecrated and unconsecrated ground, for private and public graves. The original Garden of Remembrance is now full and a new one has been started.

Crediton's clean air has encouraged the growth of many interesting lichens and wildflowers in the Cemetery. In the future we hope to work with Devon Wildlife Trust to develop a maintenance plan that will further encourage their protection and growth. Many of the older graves are covered with sempervivums which create a spectacular display in early summer.

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