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Care Leavers Discount

Mid Devon District Council is passionate about supporting and improving the lives of our care leavers.

From 1 April 2023 if you are a care leaver paying Council Tax, we may be able to reduce the amount you will pay.

If you have been in the care of Devon County Council and are leaving care you may be entitled to a reduction in Council Tax until you reach the age of 25.

The amount of reduction you are entitled to may be up to 100% depending on your circumstances.

You must be the person liable to make Council Tax payments either on your own or jointly with others. 

Before making an application for additional support you will need to apply for any other reductions to which you are entitled such as:

  • Student discount or exemption – visit our portal to apply
  • Single person discount – visit our portal to apply
  • Council Tax reduction – visit our portal to find out more and apply
  • Severe  Mental Impairment (SMI) - visit our portal to apply

There is no need to apply as Devon County Council  will  inform us directly and we’ll contact  you to discuss your situation. 

If you are a Care Leaver from another area who is Liable for Council Tax please call 01884 255255 or email and the team will be happy to discuss the help you need, you’ll also need to give details of the Council (Corporate Parent) under which you are being supported, including their contact details.

Our Care Leavers Policy can be found here

If you have any queries about our Care Leavers Discount please email 

As a care leaver you are entitled to free membership to our leisure centres please follow the link below for more details

Welcome To Mid Devon Leisure Homepage - Mid Devon Leisure


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