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We aim to make paying your Council Tax as painless as possible by providing a variety of different ways to pay. Choose the one that suits you best. 

Note: From 1 December 2018, you'll no longer be able to pay by cheque at Phoenix House or by sending a cheque in the post. Please see our  We're changing the ways you can pay page for more information.

Want to receive your Council Tax bill electronically?

If you prefer to receive your bills electronically to save on paper costs, please complete our Council Tax e-billing registration form.

Paying in instalments

Your Council Tax bill is issued each year. It is split into ten monthly payments (instalments), payable from April to January. Your payment must reach us on or before the due date of each month.

If you get a bill part way through the year, you will be required to pay your bill in fewer instalments. The number of instalments will depend on when your bill is sent to you.

Prefer to pay 12 monthly or quarterly instalments?

If you'd like to pay in 12-monthly or quarterly instalments, please message us via our online portal

undefinedBy Direct Debit

Paying by Direct Debit saves you time and hassle. We offer a choice of payment dates (1st, 15th or 25th of the month) and the Direct Debit Guarantee means that you're always in control of your money. To set up a Direct Debit please fill in our Council Tax Direct Debit payment form.  Alternatively, contact us on 01884 255255 to set this up over the phone.


Our Online payment service enables you to make payments for Council Tax securely over the internet.

By standing order

If you prefer to pay through your bank by Standing Order, please contact your bank and provide them with the following information:

  • Your instalment amounts and dates
  • The name of our bank account - 'Mid Devon District Council'
  • Our bank sort code - 60-21-27
  • Our bank account number - 72621192
  • Our bank - Nat West
  • The branch of our bank - Tiverton

Please remember to provide your bank with your billing number, which you can find on your Council Tax bill.

By telephone

Call our automated payment line 01884 233000 and follow the prompts to pay your Council Tax.

undefinedAt any Post Office Ltd

Take your bill along with your payment swipe card to your nearest Post Office. If you're paying by cheque, make the cheque payable to Post Office Ltd. Please note that these payments can take up to seven days to clear.


Take your bill along with your payment swipe card to any PayZone outlet to pay by cash or card.

Request a copy bill or a payment swipe card

We can provide payment swipe cards to customers who pay by cash or cheque (cheque payments are only available at a Post Office) . These cards allow you to pay your instalments without the need to remember your billing number. Please Contact us to request a payment swipe card. Payment swipe cards are issued on or around the 20th of each month.

Please also Contact us to request a copy of your most up-to-date bill. You should receive your copy bill within seven days.

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