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Domestic violence and abuse can happen in all types of intimate relationships. Often this is incredibly difficult to report, with the pressure of responsibility to dependents, fear of reprisal or sense of isolation leaving you with a feeling of hopelessness.

We recognise the emotional stress that such abuse can cause and are committed to helping those who suffer from it, providing support and refuge to escape such harmful relationships.

How we can help

If you are experiencing domestic abuse you will need advice and support, legal protection, safe accommodation, childcare arrangements, financial and practical support. Specialist help is available from a number of organisations. It is very important that you report the abuse to someone. This should be someone that you trust, such as family, friends, GP, health visitor or police officer. Alternatively please call Devon Domestic Abuse Support Service on 0345 155 1074.

We may provide temporary accommodation for you such as a hostel, B&B, or help you gain access to a women's refuge. We can also assist you with finding accommodation privately and advise regarding legal remedies to keep you in your home.

There are a wide range of welfare benefits available and we will advise you on which of these benefits are suitable for your situation. In addition there are housing and tenancy options, such as transfers of tenancy, injunctions and harassment orders.

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