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We work with the Devon Sanctuary Scheme to ensure your safety and enable you to stay in your own home.

Please note: This scheme is available to Council, Housing Association and private tenants, as well as owner occupiers. You will need to have rights to occupy the property as either sole owner or tenant, or be able to exclude the perpetrator of the abuse through legal means.

Many people, although they are under the threat of violence, do not wish to move home as they may live near to their children's schools, friends, family and other support networks.

The Devon Sanctuary Scheme aims to help victims of domestic violence and abuse, hate crime or racial harassment feel safe and secure should they choose to remain in their own homes, by improving the security with professionally installed security measures.

The Devon Sanctuary Scheme is not an immediate response to the problem, but it is a long-term solution to improve a victim's quality of life.

The scheme is available to all victims of domestic violence and abuse living in Devon who may become homeless due to domestic violence and abuse, hate crime, racial harassment or other violence. Applications for assistance are made through the Police Crime Prevention Officer.

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