Our MDDC Housing Strategy 2015-2020 was adopted in February 2015.

A housing strategy should set out:

  • The corporate context
  • The wider priorities which need to be considered including the national, regional and more local housing priorities
  • The current and likely future position on all significant aspects of housing need in all tenures and on service performance
  • A realistic review of future resources
  • Priorities where action has been justified and is based on an analysis of current and likely future need
  • An action plan

The housing strategy was subject to consultation with various stakeholders prior to publication, see Past consultations. The strategy links to the Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2014/15 for the Exeter Housing Market Area and other strategies such as our Corporate Plan 2016-2020 and Homelessness Strategy 2013/18.

If you have any queries regarding the MDDC Housing Strategy 2015-2020, please contact our Group Manager for Housing, Mrs Claire Fry via our contact us form.

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