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Our MDDC Housing Strategy 2015-2020 was adopted in February 2015.

A housing strategy should set out:

  • The corporate context
  • The wider priorities which need to be considered including the national, regional and more local housing priorities
  • The current and likely future position on all significant aspects of housing need in all tenures and on service performance
  • A realistic review of future resources
  • Priorities where action has been justified and is based on an analysis of current and likely future need
  • An action plan

The housing strategy was subject to consultation with various stakeholders prior to publication, see Past consultations. The strategy links to the Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2014/15 for the Exeter Housing Market Area and other strategies such as our Corporate Plan 2016-2020 and Homeless Prevention & Rough Sleeping Strategy 2020-2025.

Our existing homelessness strategy has been extended to the end of 2019. We are currently drafting our new homelessness strategy and have met with groups of stakeholders to inform this. The new strategy will cover the period from 2020-2023.

If you have any queries regarding the MDDC Housing Strategy 2015-2020, please contact our Group Manager for Housing, Mrs Claire Fry via our contact us form.

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