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Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension (EUE) Area B Consultation

An area of land, 153ha in size, to the east of Tiverton, is allocated for development. A Masterplan (Tiverton EUE Masterplan SPD) was adopted in 2014. Whilst it covered the whole of the allocated site it was not able to considered all of the site to the same degree of detail.

13th June - 11th July 2017

Tiverton EUE Area B Consultation Page

Variation of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Fees       

Existing fees have been reviewed and the attached Notice documents the changes that are proposed

28 March - 25 April 2017 @ 1700 hours


Greater Exeter Strategic Plan Consultation: Issues

The local authorities of East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon, Teignbridge and Devon County Council are working together, engaging with stakeholders and communities to prepare a Greater Exeter Strategic Plan. This formal statutory document will provide the overall spatial strategy and level of housing and employment land to be provided up to 2040.

27th February - 10th April 2017

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