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The Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan has become the first neighbourhood plan in Mid Devon to be formally ‘made’ on 1 July 2021 following a successful referendum held on 6 May 2021.

The referendum results recorded 87.3% of votes in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan. Following success of the referendum, the Council ‘made’ the plan at their meeting on 1 July 2021. 

The Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the statutory development plan for the Cullompton area, alongside the Mid Devon Local Plan and the Devon Waste and Minerals Plans, and carries full weight for guiding planning applications submitted to the Council for determination and the decisions made on these.

Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan Made Version June 2021

Referendum Version of the Neighbourhood Plan

Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Information Statement

Report of the Independent Examiner

Summary of Representations submitted to the Independent Examiner

Statement by the local authority that the draft plan meets the basic conditions and other necessary provisions (Decision Statement)

Statement that sets out general information as to town and country planning including neighbourhood planning and the referendum (information for voters) 

Accessibility Statement: Please note that the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan document and associated Consultation Statement was not produced by Mid Devon District Council and is from a third party. It is therefore not possible to correct accessibility issues. If you experience any difficulties accessing the document please contact 01884 255255.

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