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When was the area for the Neighbourhood Plan designated?

The Cullompton Neighbourhood Area was designated 30 April 2014. The area designation documents are listed as follows:

The representations received are as follows:

When was the Neighbourhood Plan submitted?

Cullompton Town Council, as the qualifying body, formally submitted the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan to us for the Publicity Stage, as required by the neighbourhood planning regulations. The submission materials have been reviewed and checked to ensure regulatory compliance and formal confirmation of our acceptance of the plan to proceed to the Regulation 16 Publicity Period was provided on 20 September 2019.

Subsequently, we have issued a Notice of publicity.

Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents:

Additional documents that provide evidence of the context and process of the Plan can be found on the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan website.

The Regulation 16 Publicity Period concluded on Friday 15th November 2019. The representations received are as follows:


What are the next steps for the examination of the Neighbourhood Plan?

Following the publicity period, the District Council in co-operation with Cullompton Town Council, will appoint an independent and suitably qualified examiner to carry out the examination of the neighbourhood plan. The Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to the appointed examiner, along with supporting documents and representations received during the publicity period (see above).   Following a successful examination, the Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to a local referendum.

How can I find out more?

If you require any further information, please contact our Forward Planning Team at or call 01884 234334.

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