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Who's eligible for assisted collections?

If you are elderly and/or have difficulty getting your recycling, garden waste and refuse out to the kerbside for collection, we may be able to setup an "assisted collection".

To qualify, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • A physical or medical condition which prevents you being able to bring your waste/containers to the kerbside
  • There is no-one else in the household who can put the rubbish for you (over the age of 14 living with you who is able-bodied and who can do this safely for you)
  • The location of the containers and the availability of safe, direct access to the containers on the property

Supporting evidence maybe required such as:

  • Documentation confirming entitlement to the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Registered blind certificate
  • A Blue Badge

How can I request assisted collections?

Please Contact us if you think you may qualify for an assisted collection. You will be contacted if your request is validated.

Please note, collections from the kerbside will continue until your request has been validated.

How long does the assisted collection service last?

The service is available for three, six or twelve months:

  • Three month assisted collection service – for people with a short term illness or disability, for example someone with a broken limb or recovering from an operation
  • Six month assisted collection service – for people with a longer term illness or disability, for example someone undergoing a longer period of medical treatment
  • Twelve month assisted collection service – for people who are permanently physically unable to carry their waste and/or recycling to the collection point

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