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What to put in your black recycling boxes

Includes most types of plastic packaging! 

Please only put the below item in your black recycling box 1. They can be mixed as they all go in the same compartment of the lorry


Please only put the below items in black recycling box 2 and separate the best you can.

* Includes mixed coloured glass

** Includes plant pots

***Only carrier bags or white pedal bin liners please – we can’t collect any other types of polythene at this time

**** Batteries must be placed inside a clear plastic bag/pot inside black recycling box 2

If you only have room for one recycling box, as long as it's clean and tidy, we'll hand sort it by the kerbside for you.

Clean and dry textiles can be put in a clear plastic bag in/next to black recycling box 2




No thanks:

  • Put shredded paper in carrier bags or white pedal bin liners to avoid littering during windy conditions
  • Rinse out all bottles, cans, tins and plastic
  • Squash all cans, tins and plastic
  • Squeeze air out of bottles and replace lids
  • Remove film from plastic pots and tubs
  • Help our crews do their job quickly and safely by sorting your recycling within your boxes, see Recycling guidance
  • Shoes must be paired
  • Textiles must be dry, unsoiled and placed in carrier bags or white sacks - wet items will not be collected
  • Bubble wrap
  • Waxy paper
  • Paper saturated in grease
  • Broken glass
  • Sheet glass or glass cups
  • Car batteries
  • Plastic film/cellophane
  • Rigid plastics such as toys, garden furniture or hubcaps
  • Stuffed items such as duvets, pillows and cushions, etc.

More about the plastic packaging we can take

Frequently asked questions:


For a long time residents of Mid Devon have been asking us to collect more plastic as part of their recycling. This will have a positive effect by reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill and minimising the impact on the environment.

Plastic bottles, plastic pots (including plant pots), tubs and trays, margarine tubs, yoghurt pots and plastic food trays can be put out for recycling. Please rinse all your plastic and squash bottles for more room in your box.

Yes, you can leave all plastic lids and caps on your plastic bottles.

Film such as cellophane on ready meals causes contamination when mixed with other plastics and reduces the quality of the end recycled plastic. Therefore, we are currently unable to collect film, so please put this in your black sack refuse, not your black recycling box.

Please place materials in the correct colour recycling boxes. Please refer to the images above for guidance on the materials we can collect. You can also use carrier bags to help keep materials separate. To help our crews please only place one type of recyclable material within each carrier bag and secure with a loose single knot. For further guidance, please see Recycling guidance.

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