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Caravan, Camping and Mobile Home sites are required to be licensed. A site must have planning permission and may range from a single caravan, tent or tourer on a small plot of land to a large site comprising of hundreds of units.

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We have standard conditions depending on the type of site:


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How can I apply?


  • To apply electronically, please download and complete a copy of the application form and email it to We will then contact you to confirm receipt of the application.


Additional - Mobile Homes Act 2013

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 requires that operators of residential caravan sites and mobile home parks deposit site rules with the local authority, once they have been agreed with residents. The local authority must keep a register of all site rules it receives and publish them online. Please note that we are only required to keep the register, not to ensure that that the site rules have been adopted according to the Mobile Homes Act.
Site rules which have been deposited with Mid Devon District Council can be seen below:

Underhill Park - site rules

For more information on the Mobile Homes Act

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