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The following evidence was considered during the preparation of the Proposed Submission Allocations and Infrastructure Development Plan Document. The Council does not necessarily agree with or accept the conclusions of any of the evidence referred to. References to planning applications can be examined through the Public Access part of this website

These documents can be examined at the Council Offices in Phoenix House, Tiverton.

Sites allocated in the DPD

AL/TIV/1 Eastern Urban Extension

AC Archaeology (2009) Archaeology and cultural heritage assessment and evaluation

Devon Wildlife Consultancy  (2008) Scoping Assessment

AL/TIV/8 Farleigh Meadows

WA Heritage (2008) Archaeological Desk-based assessment.

Nicolas Pearson Associates (2008) Landscape and Visual Appraisal Report

Michael Woods Associates (2008) Extended Phase 1 Survey

WSP (2008) Flood Risk Assessment

WSP (2008) Transport Assessment

White Young Green (2008) Design and Access Statement

AL/TIV/9 Blundells School

Hilson Moran (2009) Flood alleviation potential.

AL/TIV/10 Howden Court

Planning Application 09/00456/MFUL and associated reports.

AL/TIV/11 Belmont Hospital

Planning Application 08/02037/MFUL and associated reports.

AL/TIV/12 St Andrew Street

Planning Application 08/00639/MFUL and associated reports.

AL/CU/1 North West Cullompton

Enderby Associates (2007) Landscape and Visual Appraisal

Baker Associates (2007) Preliminary Design and Access Statement

Devon Wildlife Consultants (2006) Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Baker Associates (2007) Archaeological and Historic Assessment

Baker Associates (2007) Land Contamination

PFA Consulting (2007) Illustrative Development Framework

Baker Associates (2007) Air Quality Impact Assessment

PFA Consulting (2007) Preliminary Transport Assessment

PFA Consulting (2007) Flood Risk Assessment Overview

AL/CU/9 Court Farm

Planning Application 09/01115/MFUL and associated reports

AL/CU/13 Week Farm

Strutt and Parker (2009) Employment Land Commentary

Turley Associates (2009) Site information document

Peter Brett Associates (2009) Transport Strategy Statement

Denis Wilson Partnership (2007) Site Access Strategy

Atkins (2007) Air Quality Impact Assessment

Dennis Gedge (2007) Flood Risk Analysis

Sunflower International Limited (2007) Ecological Appraisal and Impact Study

WSP (2007) Ecological constraints survey

WSP (2007) Envirocheck Report

AL/CU/14 Eastern Relief Road

Parsons Brinkerhoff (2009) Report

AL/CU/20 Colebrook

Pad Design (2009) Colebrooke Lane Masterplan 1

WSP (2008) Environmental Constraints Study

Pad Design (2009) Constraints and Opportunities Study

WSP (2008) Preliminary Site Access Proposal

AL/CRE/1 Wellparks

Peter Brett Associates (2008) Supporting Statement

Aardvark (2008) Ecological Assessment

Mid Devon District Council (2009) The potential impact of the Wellparks Mixed development option on local heritage assets.

AL/CRE/9 Crediton Link Road

Devon County Council Committee Report 2009

Environs (2009) Landscape and Visual Impact Appraisal

AL/CRE/13 Pedlerspool

Richard Green (2009) Ecological Appraisal

Clarkebond (2007) Flood Risk Assessment

WSP (2008) Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Assessment

Scott Wilson (20090 Landscape and Visual Impact Baseline Appraisal

WSP (2007) Transport Statement

AL/BA/1 School Close

Planning Application 09/00542/MOUT and associated documents

AL/BA/2 Bourchier Close

Leithgoe (2007) Site Specific Landscape Assessment

Environmental Assessment and Design (2007) Preliminary Ecological Appraisal Report

Peter Brett Associates (2007) Transport Statement

WSP (2007) Flood Risk Assessment

WSP (2007) Water Quality Assessment

Peter Brett Associates (2007) Air Quality Report

WSP (2007) Noise impact statement

AL/BA/4 Newton Square

Woods Hardwick (2007) Site Submission

Richard Green (2007) Ecological Appraisal Report

Other sites considered, but not allocated in the DPD.

Exeter Hill, Tiverton

Devon Wildlife Consultants (2006) Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Richards Partnership (2006) Landscape/Visual Appraisal and Development Strategy

Exeter Archaeology (2006) Archaeological Assessment

Peter Brett Associates (2007) Transport Statement

Jersey Farm, Junction 27, M5

RPS Planning (2007) Development Site Submission

Colebrooke, Cullompton

See AL/CU/20 above plus

Pad Design (2009) Colebrook Lane Masterplan 2

Venn Farm, Cullompton

Devon Wildlife Consultancy (2007) Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Chapel Downs, Crediton

Savills (2007) Landscape and Visual Appraisal

Denis Wilson Partnership (2007) Baseline Transport Assessment

Wessex Archaeology (2007) Archaeological Appraisal

EDP (2007) Ecological Appraisal

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