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When is this required:

All applications for major developments, except car-free residential developments, must be supported by an Air Quality Assessment (AQA), addressing the air quality impacts of both the construction and operational phases of the development on human health and ecological receptors. Impacts may arise from dust generated during demolition and/or construction works, emissions from plant or from the traffic generated by the proposal. The latter will need to take into account the information contained within the Transport Statement/Assessment submitted with the application. Where impacts are identified, the assessment must include appropriate mitigation measures to be secured through either planning condition or s106 legal agreement. 

In accordance with the Air Quality SPD an AQA will also be required for minor developments that fall within the following wards:

  • Cadbury
  • Sandford and Creedy
  • Way
  • Taw Vale
  • Upper Yeo and Taw
  • Crediton Lawrence
  • Crediton Boniface
  • Newbrooke (been removed)
  • Yeo
  • Upper Culm
  • Canonsleigh
  • Halberton
  • Lower Culm
  • Cullompton St Andrews
  • Cullompton Padbrooke
  • Cullompton Vale
  • Bradninch
  • Silverton

An AQA is also required for proposals that significantly increase traffic flows to/from the site or that change traffic flows to high polluting vehicles, e.g. car parks (>10 spaces), coach/lorry parks, etc. 

An AQA will also be required for any applications within 20 metres of the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) to ensure that the proposal will not be adversely affected by traffic pollution – particularly vulnerable uses such as residential and schools/nurseries, or will increase nitrogen dioxide emissions within the AQMA through traffic generation. Please contact the Council’s Environmental Health team to confirm if this is needed for your proposal. 

What information is required: 

Please complete the Air Quality Management Areas- Initial Statement

If an Air Quality Assessment is required this should be prepared by a suitably qualified expert. It should indicate the change in air quality or exposure resulting from the proposed development and outline appropriate mitigation measures, as necessary. Please refer to the Air Quality SPD 

Further information:

Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

AQMA - Initial Statement

AQMA - Initial Statement

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