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The new Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted on 4 April 2023. This new Air Quality SPD has a number of purposes which aim to:

  • Support relevant policies in the adopted Mid Devon Local Plan 2013 – 2033 in relation to air quality

  • Engage with developers earlier on in the planning process and assist in determining when an air quality assessment is required for a new development

  • Set out a clear method for developers to provide air quality information as part of their applications

  • Identify suitable mitigation measures to be included at the planning stage

    Air Quality SPD

    Air Quality SPD Summary Guide

    Air Quality SPD SEA

    Air Quality SPD HRA

    Air Quality Adoption Statement

    Air Quality Consultation Statement

Consultation on the Air Quality SPD and its associated documents was held 24 October - 16 December 2022. The consultation responses in full are available below.

  1 Devon County Council

  2 Hallam Land Management Ltd

  3 Historic England

  4 Individual

  5 National Highways

  6 Natural England

  7 The Coal Authority

  8 Individual

  9 Individual

  10 Individual

  11 Individual

  12 Holcombe Rogus Parish Council

Previous adopted Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document 2008

The previous SPD adopted in May 2008 was revoked on 4 April 2023. The Council has therefore ceased to make this SPD and any documents relating to the revoked SPD available in accordance with Local Planning Regulations.


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