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What items can I have collected?

We can help dispose of bulky household items which are too large for your regular waste collection. We collect most freestanding items or furniture that:

  • can be safely carried between two people; and
  • you'd normally take with you if you were moving house.

We also collect electrical goods known as 'WEEE' (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment). This includes any items fitted with an electrical plug or using batteries for power.

Note: Ten or more items for collection would be classed as a house clearance and we don’t have the capacity to collect this amount from a single property.

For a detailed list of accepted items, see What we can and can’t collect.

What will it cost?

Item Charge
One item (electrical or non-electrical)* £22
Each additional item £11

*A bed, headboard, base and mattress counts as one item.

When is bulky waste collected?

Bulky waste is collected weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except after bank holidays (see Check collection dates). Your collection day will depend in which area you live, see Litter Buster & Bulky Waste Zones.

Note: There's a limit of ten collections per day, which is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Providing spaces are available, you'll need to book two full working days before your collection day to guarantee pick up on the next scheduled visit:

Collection Day Last day to book for next collection
Area 1 - Monday By 5.00pm, the Wednesday before
Area 2 - Wednesday By 4.30pm the Friday before
Area 3 - Friday By 5.00pm, the Tuesday before


Bookings made after the cut-off days above will take place the following week.

We'll ask you to leave your bulky waste items outside your property either the night before or by 6.00am on the collection day. Both electrical and non-electrical items will be collected together any time between 6.00am and 4.00pm.

Note: We will not enter your property to collect as we're not insured for any damage that could be caused.

How can I book a collection?

To book a bulky waste collection, please telephone our Customer Services team on 01884 255255. We can accept payment over the telephone using a debit or credit card, or by cash, debit or credit card using our kiosk and self-service portals at our office, see Contact details and opening hours.

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