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Find - Collection Day and Calendar

What you need to know

To find out your waste and recycling collection day and download your waste calendar use this facility. 

If you would like to receive weekly collection day reminders you can subscribe to this if you register.

What we need

Your postcode and address. If you would like to register to receive weekly collection date reminders we will require your email address.

Other ways to Apply

Online is the best way to apply as you can update your details or view the status of the active service.

Alternatively you can contact our customer services team on 01884 255255.


Presenting your waste and recycling containers for collection

Please remember to put your waste and recycling containers out at the kerbside where they can be seen easily, either after 6.00pm the night before, or before 6.00am on your collection day. Please take care not to obstruct pavements or roads, and take containers back in as soon as possible after collections. Bin lids should be closed and only waste in the bin will be collected. Extra waste on top or alongside will not usually be taken. If you occasionally have extra refuse, this can be saved until your next collection.

Missed collection updates

Occasionally, we may be unable to complete a round on the scheduled day. Updates are available on our website, please check the daily waste collection updates webpage before reporting a missed collection.

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