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 What to put in your green box


* Small amounts of food residue stuck on food boxes is still acceptable


No thanks:

• Rinse and squash cartons • Bubble wrap
• Flat pack all cardboard • Polystyrene
  • Foam

Additional cardboard for recycling?

We will collect additional cardboard recycling — please leave it flat packed next to your green box.

Frequently asked questions: 

This speeds up and cuts down the cost of collection, and also creates better quality materials for recycling.

We're not supplying lids for the green boxes, however, they can be stacked with our black boxes as they are the same size.

If the weather is wet and windy, you can stack your black box on top of your green box to weight it down. Don’t worry if your cardboard gets wet, this will not affect the recycling process and we will still collect it.

Also by stacking your boxes when not in use will take up less room on your property.

Please keep it as dry as possible, but don’t worry if it gets wet once you put it out, as we will still collect it.

You can leave any cardboard that won't fit in your green box flat packed beside the full box for collection. Please note you can order another green box.

It'll be sent off to be recycled into more cardboard.

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