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Retention of Information

Retention Schedule:

Processing information, personal or otherwise is important to the day to day running of the council. Mid Devon District Council is committed to ensure that personal information is processed lawfully in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA). How we retain information for how long is important to achieve this. 

The schedule here to provide clear transparent process of how this information is processed, when this retention will expire and provide the laws that govern this. 

Standard Operating Procedure. 

This is not a comprehensive list. Some information, notes and some electronic communications for example are not listed. These will be retained and process by the Standard Operating Procedure, this is that they will be, as policy, should be destroyed as soon as they are processed.  


Within the retention period, some documents will be listed as Permanent. in this instance the information will be offered to the archivist, in this case Devon County Archives, to review. If the Schedule states: "Offer to Archivist", Then the Archivist will choose to either take a sample or all the provided information based on policy. 

If the schedule states "Offer to Archivist to Review", then archivist will decide whether or not this information should be kept. The Archivist will not, as a rule, retain such information unless the information relates to high profile or controversial policies/projects. 

Information rejected by the archivist will be destroyed in accordance with the schedule. 


Some information, if it is deemed that there is a possibility of litigation, will be retained longer than the information below. If this is the case then the information will be kept as long as: the possibility of litigation remains; the said litigation is resolved; or, the original retention stated within the schedule. Whichever is the longest. 

The Retention Schedule can be seen here: Retention Schedule