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Adopted Masterplan

The Cullompton Town Centre Masterplan was adopted by the District Council in April 2023. It forms the basis for the regeneration of the town; enhancing the town’s economic prospects and providing a clear strategy to ensure the town meets its full potential as an attractive and thriving town into the future. It has been prepared by consultants in the context of the major projects planned in and around Cullompton. These include:

  • North West Cullompton Urban Extension;
  • The new homes allocated to the east of the town;
  • The proposed Culm Garden Village;
  • The High Street Heritage Action Zone which will see investment into Cullompton’s historic high street; and
  • The reopening of Cullompton railway station.

A Stage 1 public consultation event was held during 2020 and a Stage 2 public consultation was held during 2021. The comments raised at the Stage 2 consultation have been set out in the Public Consultation Report. The Council gave full consideration to the comments received at both stages of public consultation before formally adopting the masterplan. The adopted masterplan will guide development in the area and be taken into account during the consideration of planning applications.

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