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  • A survey about rural services was held between Wednesday 3 January and Friday 1 March 2024 to help the Council better understand how well rural places meet the needs of their communities. Responses are currently being reviewed and a full report will be published in due course.
  • A new Meeting Housing Needs Supplementary Planning Document was adopted on 14 November 2023. For more information, please visit our Meeting Housing Needs SPD webpage.
  • The revised Local Development Scheme for Plan Mid Devon was approved by Cabinet on 7 July 2023.
  • A new Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document was adopted by the Council on 4 April 2023. For more information please visit our Air Quality SPD webpage.
  • An Interim Planning Policy Statement: Climate Emergency was adopted by the Council on 7 March 2023. For more information please visit our Interim Climate Change Statement webpage.
  • Future Local Plan e-updates. Get instant updates as soon as a consultation starts by providing us with an e-mail address. Send your details to

What we do

The Council's Forward Planning team produces planning policies to help steer development over the next 15-20 years. 

Adopted Policy at a glance

Mid Devon Local Plan Review 2013 – 2033 (adopted July 2020) 

The Local Plan will guide development in the district over the period to 2033 and aims to ensure that new homes, jobs and services needed by communities are located in the most sustainable places. It will also help deliver the infrastructure, facilities and other developments needed to make this possible. The Local Plan contains strategic policies (such as targets for housing and employment provision), allocates land for specific types of development and provides detailed policies to manage development.

Mid Devon Local Plan Review 2013 – 2033 (adopted July 2020) 


Masterplans for allocations that have been adopted include the North West Cullompton Urban Extension and the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension.


Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents include extra information on policies in the Local Plan.

Supplementary Planning Documents

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) (Adopted 2020)

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out the Council’s policy on consultation and public participation when local plans or supplementary planning documents are prepared and planning applications considered.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

National Policy

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out the national policy on local plan-making and development management. The Framework includes a 'presumption in favour of sustainable development'.

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a new tier into the planning system, empowering local communities to produce neighbourhood plans and have these adopted as part of the Development Plan.

The NPPF reintroduced the terminology of 'Local Plans' to describe the Development Plan Documents produced by the Council.

Other policies

Devon County Council controls development relating to waste and minerals.

Local communities, through Parish and Town Councils, produce Neighbourhood Plans, which alongside Local Plans form part of the area’s statutory Development Plan. 

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