Business Rates

Understanding Business Rates

We will collect over £15m from 2819 Business Rate payers in 2015/16. 50% of the Business Rates collected is paid to Central Government, 9% is distributed to Devon County Council and1% is paid to the Devon and Somerset Fire Authority. The remaining share is distributed to us. However; we do not keep all of this 40% as the proportion we receive is based on a calculation made by Central Government which takes into account the needs and resources required to run our services.

For more information, see Business Rates Explained Effective from 2017/18.


Rateable values

Find out about rateable values set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), for each non-domestic property

Rate reliefs

Find out if you are eligible for Rate Relief which may reduce the amount of Business Rates you have to pay

Paying your Business Rates

Choose how to pay your Business Rates using the alternative methods of payment available

Business Rates arrears

If you get into arrears with your business rates we can recover the debt from you in a number of ways