Rate reliefs

There are seven different reliefs available to reduce the amount of Business Rates that you have to pay:

Charitable rate relief

Charities are entitled to relief where the property is used for charitable purposes

Empty property relief

If your premises are empty you may be entitled to a 3 month void period followed by a 50% reduction in your business rates bill

Empty property re-occupation relief

You can get 50% off your business rates if you occupy a retail premises that’s been empty for one year or more

Hardship relief

Every local authority has the discretion to remit all or part of a Business Rates bill on the grounds of financial hardship

Non-profit making organisations relief

Rate relief for non domestic properties occupied by certain bodies not established or conducted for profit

Rural rate relief

Since 1 April 1998 relief has been available for businesses situated in a 'rural settlement' area with populations of 3000 or less inhabitants

Small business rate relief

This is available at a maximum of 100% for ratepayers occupying single properties with a rateable value up to £12,000

Sports club relief

Sports clubs are entitled to relief where the property is used as an amateur sports club

Transitional phasing

A revaluation of every Non Domestic rates property is carried out every 5 years so that the values in the rating list are accurate and up to date