Landscape Implications of Solar PV Proposals –

In response to elected members' concerns over the number of renewable energy planning applications being submitted and lack of consistent advice against which to assess landscape impacts, the Council commissioned consultants to prepare an 'Assessment of Landscape Sensitivity to on-shore wind energy and large scale photovoltaic development in Mid Devon District' (LSA), October 2013. Following further consideration the Council resolved to consult on the LSA with a view to adopting it as a Supplementary Planning Document.

What has happened previously?

Scoping Consultation

The Council conducted an initial consultation from the 25th July to the 8th September 2014 on the content of a new Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). A total of 13 valid representations were received.

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Representations received

A summary of the representations received during the initial consultation, along with the individual representations are shown below.

Summary of representations

Rep 1 - M Elliot   Rep 2 - Stoodleigh Parish Council Rep 3 - Willand Parish Council 
 Rep 4 - Morebath Parish Council  Rep 5 - Halberton Parish Council  Rep 6 - Highways Agency
 Rep 7 - P Ellis - Jones  Rep 8 - P Child  Rep 9 - Mid Devon CPRE Group
 Rep 10- Dartmoor National Park Authority  Rep 11 - Grand Western Canal Joint Advisory Commitee  Rep 12 - Devon Countryside Access Forum
 Rep 13 - Bradninch Town Council  


Draft SPD Consultation

Following the initial consultation representations were taken into account to prepare a draft SPD which was consulted on 15 February 2016 – 29 March 2016. One of the main changes in the document was a focus only on the impact of solar proposals and no longer on-shore wind energy due a change in national policy and guidance.

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Landscape Implications of Solar PV Proposals – Draft SPD

part 1   part 2a   part 2b   part 3

Statement of Consultation

Previous Draft

Assessment of Landscape Sensitivity to on-shore wind energy and large scale photovoltaic development in Mid Devon District (LSA)

Representations received

A total of 18 valid representations were received. One late representation was received which could not be logged as a representation but has been published in the table below for information.

 Rep 1 

 Robert Wilkes

 Rep 2 

 Edward Hobbs

 Rep 3 

 National Trust

 Rep 4 

 Paul Drew 

 Rep 5 

 Graham Langford 

 Rep 6

 Peter Collins

 Rep 7

 Anthony Outram

 Rep 8

 Gwenda Saar

 Rep 9

 Crediton Town Council

 Rep 10

 Bradninch Town Council

 Rep 11

 Knowstone Parish Council

 Rep 12

 Willand Parish Council

 Rep 13


 Rep 14

 Tiverton Civic Society

 Rep 15

 Christopher Downs

 Rep 16

 Cheldon, Chawleigh and Chulmleigh Landscape and Heritage Protection Group

 Rep 17

 Douglas Wright

 Rep 18

 Hittisleigh Parish Council

 Late rep 1

 Hemyock Parish Council


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