This page includes a number of guidance notes and offsite links to help you prepare your planning or other related applications:


 Planning Fees - revised January 2018
 Ten tips for speeding up your planning application
 Submitting Plans and Drawings Guidance

 Maps, Plans and Planning Applications - What to submit

 Hints, Tips and Guidance - optimising file sizes
 Design and Access Statement Guidance
 Mid Devon Tree Guidance

 Trees and Landscaping for Development Sites - A Guide for Developers

 Guidance on Lawful Development Certificate - Proposed Use of Development

 Planning Guidance for Gypsy and Traveller Site Applications

 Householder Applications -  An Example of Drawings Required

 Submitting a Planning Application - Guidance Leaflet

 Outline Planning Application Process - Guidance Note

 Garage Widths

 Is it a building or a caravan definition

 Discharge of Conditions on Planning Approvals

 How to use 12 figure grid coordinates to locate a gazetteer address on a map

 Guidance on protected species survey and report requirements

 Wildlife & Protected Species trigger list tick sheet

 Mid Devon Local Level Requirements

 Critical Drainage Area - Cullompton

 Waste storage guidance for new residential properties

 Heritage Statement/Statement of Significance - Guidance Notes on preparing a Heritage Statement


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