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Christmas cards

Christmas cards without glitter (including eco/biodegradable glitter) or embellishments can be placed in your green recycling box along with your cardboard. We're unable to process any cards with glitter or embellishments - please place these in your refuse bin.

Wrapping paper

Only non-glittery (including eco/biodegradable glitter) and non-metallic wrapping paper can be placed in your green recycling box. Please try to remove as much Sellotape and decorative accessories such as ribbons and bows. We're unable to process foil-lined wrapping paper - please place this in your refuse bin.

If you're using brown wrapping paper this can be placed in your green recycling box.

Real Christmas trees

This year all residents can put their real Christmas trees out to be collected by our garden waste service, residents will have from Wednesday 27 December to Saturday 20 January to place their Christmas trees out for collection on their scheduled food and garden waste collection days ( the opposite week to your recycling collection) . We can only accept Christmas trees with a trunk no bigger than 4 inches/ 100mm in diameter. To ensure your tree is collected please place it alongside your blue food caddy or if you are subscribed to our garden waste service, you can either place the tree inside or next to your brown wheeled bin. 

Note: All refuse and recycling should be placed at its normal collection point by 6.00am on the revised collection days as per your calendar. Alternatively, use our online collection day look-up facility.

Christmas recycling hints:

  1. If your blue kerbside caddy is full, you may place excess food waste into either a compostable liner or plastic bag and leave on top of your blue caddy for collection
  2. Plastic toiletry packaging such as shower gels and shampoo bottles can go in your black recycling box 1
  3. Tins, cans and plastics can all be mixed together; if you're running out of room in your black box(es), these can go out for collection in a white pedal bin liner

Before you put your left over turkey into your blue food caddy…

Did you know the average UK family throws away 22% of their weekly shop, worth £730 per year that could be spent on other things!

For tips on how to reduce your food waste, recipe ideas and advice on storage and keeping food fresher for longer, see the following helpful links:

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