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Mid Devon Local Plan Review Examination Library

ED20 DRAFT Housing Land Supply Update
Addendum to January 2019 update in response to the Inspector’s Post Hearings Advice Note
MDDC June 2019
ED21 Sustainability Appraisal (SA) of the implications of the Council’s proposed draft Main Modifications in relation to the housing trajectory and the remedies suggested by the Inspector MDDC July 2019
ED22 MDDC response to comments made on ED20 and ED21 MDDC September 2019
ED23 Comments received during the consultation on ED20 and ED21 MDDC July 2019
ED24 Schedule of MDDC Proposed Main Modifications   MDDC November 2019
ED25 Addendum to Sustainability Appraisal    LUC October 2019
ED26 Addendum to Habitat Regulations Assessment  LUC October 2019
ED27 Addendum to Equality Impact Assessment 2017 MDDC November 2019
ED28 Summary of representations  MDDC February 2020
ED29 Representations received during Main Modifications consultation   February 2020

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