Need help completing your Licensing application?

Whether it’s compliancy with prescribed regulations, statutory notices, technical documents or advertising, our Pre-Application Advice Service can help with all aspects of your application.

This service is applicable to applications for new premises, variations, transfers and changes to licence.

Alcohol and entertainment licences

Club premises certificate

Social, sporting or political clubs need a licence to supply or provide alcohol or entertainment

Current Applications

We have no applications at the present time

Minor variation

A simplified process for small changes to premises licences or club premises certificates

Personal licence

A Personal Licence allows an individual to be a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) at a licensed premise that sells or supplies alcohol

Premises licences

Find out about new licences, variations and taking over an existing licence

Temporary Event Notices

Find out about and submit a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)


Anyone can make a representation regarding a current application for a premises licence or club premises certificate


Reviewing a premises licence or club premises certificate

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