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Results of public consultation - Adopted Masterplan SPD (Area A): Cabinet Report (June 2018)

Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension Masterplanning: Options Report (May 2013)

Summary of the draft Masterplan (December 2013)

Consultation draft Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (December 2013)

Tiverton EUE masterplan Cabinet Report November 2013

Tiverton EUE masterplan Cabinet Report Appendix I

Council Response to first consultation

Tiverton EUE Consultation Statement


Studies and surveys

Highways Options Report

DCC Access route options plan

Blundell's Road Conflict Study

DCC Briefing note highways and education

Trigger Point Justification Note

Ecological Appraisal Area 1

Tiverton Protected Species Report Area 1

        Ecological Appraisal Area 2

Tiverton Protected Species Report Area 2

        Key Plan Areas 1 - 4

Letter from Environmental Gain Area 3

Letter from Environmental Gain Area 4

Amory Estate Ecological Appraisal

Amory Estate Draft Heritage Statement

Noise assessment

Utility services availability report

Flood risk assessment

Trees and hedges assessment

        Trees and hedges assessment plans

        Tree survey land north and south of Blundells Road

Soakaway Testing

Area B

Residential Amenity Assessment July 2016

Air Quality

A095750 Tiverton DMRB Air Quality 19may16


Ecological Appraisal Report to Support Masterplan_FINAL_amended_LS

Figure 1 (A) Phase 1 Habitat Survey, including Badger Sett Locations

Figure 1 Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Air Quality

Ground Investigation

A095750 - Tiverton EUE DTS V1 Issue


A095750 Tiverton Noise 11Jul16hmnm xtc


SK02 18May


SK04a 18May

SK04b 18May




W15400_2D_SX A0@1_500SHEET1OF6

W15400_2D_SX A0@1_500SHEET2OF6

W15400_2D_SX A0@1_500SHEET3OF6

W15400_2D_SX A0@1_500SHEET4OF6

W15400_2D_SX A0@1_500SHEET5OF6

W15400_2D_SX A0@1_500SHEET6OF6

Post Hill Junction

W15400_SX A0@1_500SHEET1OF1


A095750 - SK06 - Proposed Site Access Via Mayfair

Amenity Study Capacity Assessment - 09.06.16

Tree Survey

DTS16.17.1.TCP 1 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 2 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 3 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 4 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 5 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 6 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 7 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 8 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 9 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 10 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 11 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 12 of 13

DTS16.17.1.TCP 13 of 13



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