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The initial consultation on the Masterplanning of the urban extension took place from 3rd to 31st May 2013. 141 representations were received. A number of anonymous comments were also received, which could not be logged as representations but are also published on the website for information purposes.  A general summary of representations and a breakdown of responses to the questions in the Options Report are available to view below.

Summary of representations

Summary of answers to consultation questions

Annonymous representations

Rep 1 Mrs S Joiners Rep 2 Mr and Mrs Rose Rep 3 Mr and Mrs Machin Rep 4 Burlescombe Parish Council Rep 5 Mrs G Ford
Rep 6 Mr M Ford Rep 7 DCC Transport and Environment Rep 8 Tiverton Eastern Action Group Rep 9 Mr G Keene Rep 10 Mr and Mrs R Sloman
Rep 11 Sampford Peverell Parish Council Rep 12 Halberton Parish Council Rep 13 David and Patricia Collier Rep 14 Ramblers Association Rep 15 Mr I Bruce
Rep 16 L Clunies-Ross Rep 17 Highways Agency Rep 18 Mr and Mrs Bennett Rep 19 Jon Stronach Rep 20 C W Downs
Rep 21 Leon Squire Rep 22 T Ware Rep 23 Ed Saunders Rep 24 B O'Sullivan Rep 25 A Arnold
Rep 26 D Arnold Rep 27 Mrs J Wooding Rep 28 S McDonnell Rep 29 M Britton Rep 30 Roy Gould
Rep 31 D E Mettam Rep 32 Mrs V Stuckey Rep 33 CPRE Rep 34 Peter Gordon Rep 35 M N Steed
Rep 36 T Manley Rep 37 - Mr and Mrs A Pryce Rep 38 Cullompton Town Council Rep 39 Mr and Mrs Sloman Rep 40 Mrs L Bush
Rep 41 Gillian D'Alessandro Rep 42 Mr and Mrs Patchett Rep 43 Mr and Mrs Mosscrop Rep 44 Mr and Mrs Greensmith Rep 45 M Manley
Rep 46 Mrs B Downs Rep 47 W V Nichols Rep 48 Mrs M Chambers Rep 49 R G Harman Rep 50 Nat Chambers
Rep 51 Dr and Mrs C Bell Rep 52 Captain and Mrs D Dutton Rep 53 Duncan Ferrier Rep 54 Mrs J Ferrier Rep 55 A Ware
Rep 56 M Ware Rep 57 G S & J C Franklin Rep 58 Mr & Mrs D J Park Rep 59 D Cook and P Yates Rep 60 P and A Green
Rep 61 Mr D Bellamy Rep 62 K R and A M Owers Rep 63 Mr and Mrs Hall Rep 64 Mr J A Morrison Rep 65 R W and M E George
Rep 66 Goff Welchman Rep 67 Ashfords for C Scotchmer Rep 68 GVA Grimley for Blundells School Rep 69 M J Asprey Rep 70 David M Cutts
Rep 71 Peter Pugsley Rep 72 Keith Benge Rep 73 West Manley Lane Conservation Group Rep 74 English Heritage Rep 75 Anne Roxbee Cox
Rep 76 L and R Darlow Rep 77 Helen Booth Rep 78 David Stone Rep 79 Sharon Sproat Rep 80 T and C Borland
Rep 81 Philippa Langdon Rep 82 M and P Shields Rep 83 Frances Charlton Rep 84 Mr D Bellamy Rep 85 M and S Budden
Rep 86 Ms J Downing Rep 87 Willand Parish Council Rep 88 Bradninch Town Council Rep 89 Goff Welchman Rep 90 G J and V A Pearcey
Rep 91 Mrs M Spicer Rep 92 Thorverton Parish Council Rep 93 Mr B A Bell Rep 94 Ann Lazarus Rep 95 G Dinnage
Rep 96 Mrs J Haines Rep 97 Mr F R Alway Rep 98 S and F Esau Rep 99 Mrs A S Kyrle-Pope Rep 100 Jamie Barker
Rep 101 Eddie Dennis Rep 102 Mr John Chapman Rep 103 Tiverton Civic Society Rep 104 Mr and Mrs D'Alessandro Rep 105 Cliff Martin
Rep 106 Ray Nevill Rep 107 C J and B V Mumford Rep 108 Roz Thomas Rep 109 Dr C Bell Rep 110 Gill Ware
Rep 111 Colin Cochrane Rep 112 G and J Shaw Rep 113 John Anderson Rep 114 Malcolm Kitchen Rep 115 R and A Treeby
Rep 116 R McMillan Rep 117 G and A Davies Rep 118 Alisa Robbins Rep 119 D and A Rice Rep 120 W and P Roberts
Rep 121 R Oxenham Rep 122 John Bodley-Scott Rep 123 M Daidy Rep 124 54 Kings Crescent Rep 125 J and B G Lepper
Rep 126 Caroline Rutley-Frayne Rep 127 D Johnstone Rep 128 1 Litelbury Road Rep 129 S Larner Rep 130 J M Tennant
Rep 131 Mr and Mrs R Blackwell Rep 132 Mary Seaton Rep 133 S and D Webber Rep 134 H Orchid Rep 135 Paul Stagg
Rep 136 Janice Kitchen Rep 137 Eric Cole Rep 138 David Maunder Rep 139 Mr and Mrs C Steele Rep 140 Cllr Brian Pincham
Rep 141 Mr and Mrs Wren        

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